Saturday, June 20, 2009

New Home Construction: Select before you goto contract

For most of us building a new home is a great adventure. One we hope to cherish and make as enjoyable as possible as a family decision process. To achieve this end one tip in making the best out of the process is in knowing what selection basics you expect.
Tell your builder what you expect in your home from the fist time you meet. Build on these basics as your builder walks you through the floor plans with inclusions and exclusions to the pricing he is offering you.
If you expect cherry cabinets let your builder know. It is better for both parties to get these items clear from the beginning.
Flooring: Most builders have a standard for flooring in each room based on the floor plan and development. Ask your builder what they are in each room and if you want wood floors in the study instead of carpet write it down.
Bathroom Fixtures, countertops, shower and bath installation, carpet grades, wall colors, exterior windows, closet and laundry shelving, kitchen appliances and more. Be sure to go over the details.
I hope your next home is a custom built home. Enjoy the best of building your dream home.

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